Double check songs by metadata only matches checking artist and title


> the result of Test1 was: 468 out of 471 were matched, but
> "Matt McAndrew - Wasted Love" (03:28 min) is matched wrong to "Chris Jamison - Gravity". There is no acoustid in MB but the song itself is in MB with the same length. So the song should be matched.
> "Matt McAndrew - Make It Rain" (03:36 min) is matched wrong to "Chris Jamison - Jealous". Same as above.
> "Matt McAndrew & Adam Levine - Lost Stars" (3:14) - "Chris Jamison - Cry Me a River".
> All of these songs are on this album:
> Again an album, which is named "The Voice: The Complete Season 7 Collection"
Not too bad, okay this is what I said about the Meghan Linsey problem

'I cant see all the details because logging detail has defaulted back but I think you have two Meghan Linsey and four Sawyers Fredericks songs, so when Jaikoz tries to group the songs in that folder by metadata it groups songs by album metadata and creates a group of six songs and the Sawyer Fredericks album actually has the 6 tracks that match your tracks , and although the megan songs arent going to get such a good score because bad match on artistname they get a good match on tracktitle and track duration and together with the good matches for the Sawyers Fredericks songs the release is deemed to be good enough.

If you remove the album metadata then these 6 songs arent grouped together so the problem does not occur
If you just try and match the meghan songs without the frederick songs then once again the problem will not occur

How can I prevent this happening ?

Its perfectly reasonable to assume these six tracks are from the same album, as clearly one album can have tracks by different artists so I shouldnt so anything to prevent the initial six song grouping.

If these songs have acoustids linked to MusicBrainz we already do additional check to ensure the song matched either has the same acoustid as your song or is a good match on title, but we dont currently check artist so Im going to add this in in your case one of your songs does have an acoustid so this should fix it by causing the 6 song release match to fail. However if neither Meghan song had an acoustid it wouldnt prevent the bad match, I dont have a solution for that case.

and this is the same problem, but because the songs dont have acoustids I cant do the check that I did that fixed the Meghan problem. The reason the issue occurs now and didnt occur before is I adjusted the scoring I use and now in this case three good matches on the release are enough to offset the three bad matches.

Possible Solutions:we added an artist/title metadata check for single song matches but not for groupings so I could look at doing that but the trouble is this could prevent good matches in the case that your existing metadata was bad, I could also tweak the average track threshold, or perhaps do some additional check for this case where we songs with existing metadata for two artists being matched to a single artist release


Paul Taylor
July 23, 2015, 12:23 PM

Done by fuzzy matching artist/titles for all songs that have existing artist/title data but were matched to a song without any acoustids linked to it (i.e not acoustid match) and then comparing the number of songs that passed this fuzzy test to those that didnt.

if the number of songs that failed the test is greater than the number that passed then we reject the match. If its the other way round we allow - to allow for some bad metadata not preventing good matches, also if songs have no metadata then we dont do the test because we have nothing to test against.



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