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query=artistBeatles~0.7) AND (+track:"(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 24.05" +track:"(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care 7.82" +track:"One After 909 30.08-09-17" +track:"A Case of the Blues 2.12" +track:"A Case of the Blues 7.129" +track:"A Case of the Blues 7.93" +track:"A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody 3.68" +track:"A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody 30.14" +track:"A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody 30.14P" +track:"A Quick One While He's Away 10.50" +track:"A Quick One While He's Away 10.51" +track:"A Quick One While He's Away 10.52" +track:"A Quick One While He's Away 10.53" +track:"A Shot of Rhythm and Blues 7.81" +track:"A Taste of Honey 22.49" +track:"Ach Du Lieber Augustin 24.38" +track:"Across the Universe 6.113" +track:"Across the Universe 6.18" +track:"Across the Universe 7.100" +track:"Across the Universe 7.104" +track:"Across the Universe 7.135" +track:"Across the Universe 7.83" +track:"Across the Universe 7.84" +track:"Across the Universe 7.85" +track:"Across the Universe 7.88" +track:"Across the Universe 7.89" +track:"Across the Universe 7.90" +track:"Across the Universe 7.92" +track:"Across the Universe 7.96" +track:"Across the Universe 7.99" +track:"Across the Universe 9.69" +track:"Across the Universe 9.70" +track:"Across the Universe 9.71" +track:"Across the Universe 9.72" +track:"Across the Universe 9.73" +track:"Across the Universe 9.74" +track:"Across the Universe 9.75" +track:"Across the Universe 9.76" +track:"Across the Universe 9.77" +track:"Across the Universe 9.80" +track:"Across the Universe 9.81" +track:"Across the Universe 9.82" +track:"Across the Universe 9.87" +track:"Act Naturally 25.11" +track:"Adagio for Strings 10.75" +track:"Adagio for Strings 8.105" +track:"Agent Double-O-Soul 26.63" +track:"All Along the Watchtower 3.81" +track:"All Things Must Pass 2.02" +track:"All Things Must Pass 2.62" +track:"All Things Must Pass 28.84" +track:"All Things Must Pass 28.85" +track:"All Things Must Pass 28.86" .........13.23.56:com.jthink.jthinksearch.client.JthinkSearchServer:analyseErrors:SEVERE: JThink Search Query failed, returned:<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd">
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