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  1. JAIKOZ-1096

Should retry if MetadataGatherer.processFolderSuspectedToBeRandomSongs gets it wrong


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      If Jaikoz encounters a folder with lots of songs it considers it may just be a folder of random files. Then for songs without artist and/or release metadata it trys to derive from the filename. Then it checks to see how many artist and release it has over the set of songs, in our case we had just one artist (but both artist where blank) and many releases (but release metadata was incorrectly derived form filename) whihc meant we use the

      if(metadataGatherer.getArtists().keySet().size()==1 && metadataGatherer.getSimplifiedAlbums().keySet().size()> 1)

      logic that treated the folder as a single artist folder containing many releases when in fact it was not - it was a Billboard 100 folder. This grouping and the invalid metadata prevented a good match.

      We should have some logic that lets the worker know that the metadata was derived and therefore if no matches were found we could match again as if random songs. Also matching to Billboard 100 seems to be a very common scenerio so we should always explicity handle a folder with this name in code as random folder.




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