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      In Jaikoz, after opening multiple files, I often select a portion of the table (sone rows and columns), copy, then paste into a text editor or Excel for some changes (e.g. regex replacements or using formulas in Excel).

      Then I copy in the other all and paste back into Jaikoz.

      The problem is that on macOS when I copy the selection in Jaikoz and then paste into another app, ALL cells are separated by tabs. So when I have the cells:

      A B C
      D E F
      G H I

      in Jaikoz, then after copying those and pasting into another app, I get

      A B C D E F G H I

      This drives me mad and requires extra steps every time.

      What I would love would be that in the clipboard, each ROW of the table was separated with a NEWLINE, not a tab. I know Jaikoz can deal with data formatted that way because pasting such data into Jaikoz works fine. So it's only the matter of fixing how the data goes from Jaikoz into the clipboard.

      Other than that, the app is phenomenal. It may not be the prettiest UI , but it's super-solid and shows how much thought and work has gone into it.




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