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      So, the reason this comes about is because I had been going for about two hours in Jaikoz making changes. I was changing a bunch of songs which had unlabeled albums, so of course since that was my filter selection any time I filled in the album names the files disappeared from my list.

      Rather than going and hunting them down and saving those changes I just kept plowing on, making changes for the next 2 hours.

      Of course, during this time my computer forces a restart on me for some Windows updates or some nonsense. Jaikoz (and everything else) closes. Computer restarts. When I open Jaikoz again and load the same folder I was working in, all of my prepared changes are gone. 2 hours work down the drain.

      Sob story just to say: Could we please get an option or capability to save the working session without being forced to save changes as well?

      If not, I'd like to submit this as a Feature Request. Perhaps a checkbox at the top of the columns in the "Manual MusciBrainz" correction window which would enable/disable importing that data.




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