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Improvements for Classical


1. Have Orchestra tag, and when artist looks like contains an Orchestra/Quartet etc add to the Orchestra tag, of course as well as when they there is an orchestra relationship
2. Give option to make Artist separate values like Artists field (preferred by some Classical users)
3. Add Work field
4. Add Conductor, Orchestra, Performer, Soloist options so user can decide if filled in
5. Also make use of MusicBrainz Orchestra, Work and Part relationships
6. Add disc subtitle as searchable on server to help matching discs, and simplify title to aid matching as classical subtitles rather long.
7. Can we identify roman numerals as often used instead of decimal number ie IV instead of 4 for parts etc
8. Understand when MusicBrainz is using Classical Style guidelines
9. Allow Album field to not be modified useful in case they are using it to store work not album
10. Add sort fields for main people fields that dont currently have them: Sort Artists, Sort Conductor, Sort Performer ,Sort Orchestra, Sort Arranger, Sort Soloist
11. Add isClassical field that we can use both as a way of letting user have classical only options and a way to allow intepretation of data form 3rd party users.
12. option for classical of 'Use Composer as Track Artist' but default to no by default, specila handling with classical, how does this fit in with the use recordin artist option which is disabled by default but make smore sense when dealing with classical
13. Use PARTNUMBER field for trackno within a work, but when there are multiple levels of work is it trackno within first superset (i.e Act) or final superset (i.e Opera)
14. VorbisComments use PART a bit like we WORK_COMPOSITION but difference is doesnt understand levels
15. We could possibly extract op. from title to field in OPUS field
16. Probably need to support TMCL frame properly for ID3






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