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Problem with Recording/Track artist credit esp for Classical


The option Use Standard Artist Name rather than Name on the cover works okay when the artist uses a slight different version of their name on a release e.g 'Echo and the Bunnymen, Echo & the Bunymen because it lets you toggle between artist name/artist credit name.

But it doesnt let you toggle between recording/track artist credit so if the actual artists differ between the two SongKong will always use the trackartist.

This is a slight problem for Pop songs such as http://musicbrainz.org/recording/2a4d09b1-4ed8-404c-8442-cf23c35e1d3e which is credited to Chicane .feat Power Circle but on releases just credited to Chicane. So SongKong will always use Chicane at the moment.

But its a much bigger problem for Classical because Musicbrainz CSG basically say use track artist credit field for composer and recording artist credit field for performers. SongKong will always return the composer because trackartist different to recording artist. Since we already have a seperate composer field that is now well supported usually users would want the track artist field to contain performers (solist, orchestra, composer)

The question is do we make this classical option or do for everything. i.e check recording artist/track artists if same ids then use track artists (and allow credit name rather than artist name) but if they are different use recording name since likely to be the performers, We can also compare track artist with composer but of course for pop records could often me the same thing.

Do we even need an option (probably) ?






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